CERTIFICATE PROGRAM – Residential Building Manager

The Residential Building Manager is vital to the success of multiple-unit properties from small walk-up apartment buildings to large multi-structure complexes. Whether they are privately operated, condominiums or non-profit corporations, the manager’s performance affects the property’s ambiance, physical maintenance, occupants’ satisfaction and financial results. The role of the building manager demands an ever-increasing level of professionalism and competence in a wide variety of areas.

The Building Manager must:

  • be conversant with a broad range of mechanical and technical systems,
  • possess a strong mechanical aptitude and ability,
  • be able to work diplomatically to solve problems in the building,
  • be responsive to residents and be able to work as a team member.
  • must have strong communications, negotiation, and planning and time management skills.

The Certified Residential Building Manager Program builds upon each student’s personal characteristics and attributes to provide professional training that both meets and exceeds the required skillsets for building operations, maintenance and administration and that respond to the changing residential property management industry.

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